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Upload a new song

You may upload either ChordPro formated songs or songs in plain standard two line chord/text format. The Ukulizer will analyze your song text and try to make the most of it. See the text under the upload box for a brief introduction to the ChordPro format.
If the song is not in ChordPro format, the first line of the song MUST contain the song title. The title can not be changed when the upload has been made! The second line will be interpreted as song description, e.g. the name of the composer.
It does not matter if your first attempt is less than perfect. The song is easy to edit after the upload.

Paste the song text in the text box and upload the song.

An introduction to the ChordPro format

The ChordPro format is a simple format for notation of lyrics together with chords.
In the chordpro format chords are denoted in square brackets [] in the text, e.g.

[Em]Alas, my [G]love, you [D]do me [Bm]wrong,

The Ukulizer will display this as

Em       G         D     Bm
Alas, my love, you do me wrong,

In addition to the chords in square brackets, the chordpro format defines several control sequences in curly brackets {}.
The Ukulizer understands the following ChordPro control statements. All other control sequences are ignored:

{title: ...} or {t: ...}
Song title.
{subtitle: ...} or {st: ...}
Song subtitle, typically the interpret or composer.
{comment: ...} or {c: ...}
Comment, e.g. Repeat 2x or Chorus. Comments are rendered inverse.
{sot} and {eot}
Start and end of tab. A tab (tablature) section is rendered in a fixed width font (Not implemented yet).
Lines starting with # are comment lines and are ignored in the song view.